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Prom, Fundraisers and Business Photos

Host your next prom, fundraiser or business celebration at The Chateau. We can accommodate a variety of budgets. Our staff can handle as many of the details as you'd like - or as few. We work well with businesses and schools that are on a budget, want some party basics (like tables, chairs and linens) and also want to do some of the decorating themselves. Our reception and event venue is one large room that's decorated with rustic elegance. We've added fabric to the walls and overhead, along with beautiful lighting and several chandeliers. Our reception venue comes with LOTS of decor, so your decor costs can be kept to a minimum. We encourage you to add your own DYI touches and personalize our venue.


BTW - We have an awesome dance floor.


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  • prom - formal reception - 2195
  • prom - formal reception - 2196
  • prom - formal reception - 2197
  • prom - formal reception - 2198
  • prom - formal reception - 2199
  • prom - formal reception - 2200
  • prom - formal reception - 2201
  • prom - formal reception - 2202
  • prom - formal reception - 2203
  • prom - formal reception - 2204
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2205
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2206
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2207
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2208
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2209
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2210
  • prom eastern hills - formal reception - 2211

The Property

One Large Room

330 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22' x 37' Dance Floor w Railing

Stage for DJ or Band

205 lighted Parking Spaces


Decor that is included at no additional cost

Venue is decorated with Rustic Elegance and a little Bling

Accent Lighting

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Decorated Ladder Overhead

Decorated Baby Bed Springs

Lots of Chandeliers

Decorating Staff is available


Open Vendor Policy

Bring in your own alcohol

Bring in your own food



Guest Table Decor

Buffet Service



Bar Service





Wait Staff


Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink